Accra Startup Weekend Team Nov 22-24 DEMO LIST!


Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend (Accra) 11/2013. * Interested in watching the pitches? Join us at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology in East Legon, Accra. Hope to see you there!


Pay Button Africa

Are you a merchant in Africa? Use payButton to receive payment from any country in the world through bitcoin. PayButton pays you the equivalent amount in your local currency.



MyWard is a web application to help parents monitor the progress of their wards in school.It bridges the gap between the school and the parents by updating them periodically on the performance of their wards not just on Parents Day. A school management system is an added feature with simple administration tools to support the schools in managing their data.



Our team is focused on connecting Africa to the rest of the world through data. There’s so much public data available in Africa, but this data is not readily accessible online. Our work is to gather this data into a simple and intuitive manner for investors, market analysts and stakeholders interested in trends in Africa to help them make informed decisions.



Chillax is a hangout app that gives users tailor made recommendations. People have busy lives and once in a while they want hang out, chill and relax. Find a place to hang out that suites your preference is a problem!

Chillax is a social app that studies your user behavior and recommends places it knows you like for.



OstenView leverages on social media data to give companies an overview of the persona of potential employees.



A geo-location based platform that provides the best place for hag-outs, food and events.



A mobile platform application that facilitates customer to business interaction. This application provides the platform for customers to send and receive emails to cooperate enterprises, make calls to the businesses based on a call directory database. Based on location APIs, they can find locations of companies. Customers also have the opportunity to find job vacancies.



Electronic authentication of documents



entreasure allows anyone to browse through electronic gadgets, Lamps, Bed Sheets, outgrown shows, and other possible offerings pulled from the closets and storage nooks of entreasure members. Our goal is to encourage reuse of items instead of occupying valuable storage space.



EduAid is a mobile app that allows parents to personally assess their wards through an interactive and collaborative test.



Fabrique is the No. 1 on-line shop for authentic African fabric. As an e-commerce platform, we ensure the journey from first contact through to final delivery and opening of the package is one memorable journey that inspires confidence and elicits prestige. We create a unique social experience that lingers on. Your convenience and utmost satisfaction is our pride.

Customers have access to a wide range of high quality fabric from trusted brands, receive recommendations on where and when to wear them and suggested accessories, samples of designs made from that fabric and more importantly the inspiring story that makes the fabric and the customer special.


The list of teams and their ideas can also be found on the following page: