The 7 Teams of Accra Startup Weekend


13 ideas emerged out of Friday night. 7 teams have now been formed.  The second day of Accra Startup Weekend is almost here. The 7 teams are:

  1. Dropifi– A web messaging platform that turns your contacts into loyal customers.
  2. Maiddle– A web service for matching housekeepers to potential clients.
  3. Identifi-A mobile  app that identify your location and helps you get to your destination.
  4.  Panic-eye-A single key alert activity app which wants to be the future of 911.
  5. DigiDoc-A web application that will be used by doctors in analyzing patient X-rays and scans everywhere leading to prompt response that will help save lives.
  6.  Djumah- A professional networking platform that leverages the power of social networking of both employers and job seekers to identify the most trusted and qualified candidates.
  7. TeamTaunt– A social element of sports that creates perhaps the most passion among sports fans but that is not accurately tackled by the various sports network is fan rivalry.

Good luck teams!